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Founder & Care Consultant

Darra Wray

Darra Wray is a business professional, senior care consultant, and software developer from Boise, Idaho.  Darra has more than 30 years of practical business and finance experience and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.  She also has over 30 years of personal experience as a family caregiver and patient advocate and has had a life-long interest in healthcare.  She developed a true passion for family care giving and elder care services through her personal life experiences. 

As the CFO of a large non-profit organization, Darra saw how reliant businesses have become on immediate and secure access to information.  Yet, as the CEO of her family, she discovered that she often did not have the information she needed to manage and support her family in an increasingly digital world.  An unexpected family medical crisis made her realize that her family was completely unprepared to manage the business of life in a digital world.  In the wake of this family crisis, Darra set out to find a tool to help bridge this digital divide, and when she couldn’t find one… she created one. 

In 2018, Darra became a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA)® and left her role as a finance executive to launch My Care Companions.   The mission of My Care Companions is to provide education, tools, resources, and information management services to caregivers so they can focus more of their time and energy caring for their loved ones.  In 2019, Darra developed the My Data Diary+ family information management software solution and set out on a mission to simplify the business of life for families everywhere.  In 2020, she founded LEARN – Lifelong Education and Aging Resources Network Inc, a CSA Leaders Network, with a mission to provide free community education on aging and caregiving topics.

Darra Wray, CSA​

Certified Senior Advisor®​

Founder and Care Consultant

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