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In the day and age where information is power and time is money, we are facing a new kind of digital divide. Most people have a lifetime of paper records stored in boxes or filing cabinets while their healthcare organizations and financial institutions have invested billions of dollars in data automation. Our important personal information is either tucked away for safekeeping or seemingly held hostage by privacy regulations and interoperability challenges that make it difficult to access and coordinate personal information.

Having the right information, in the right place, and at the right time can save you time, money, and frustration. It could even save your life. But, capturing, organizing and maintaining family information is not easy. The task is all too often delayed until there is a crisis and the need for the information is urgent. And, the family conversations to gather this information are emotional and, all too often, avoided.

It is time to change the family conversation and bridge the divide with new information management tools.  Join the revolution to liberate the data!

The Conversation Project is a national public awareness initiative dedicated to ensuring that everyone’s wishes for end-of-life care are expressed and respected. 

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