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If you got the emergency phone call, would you have the information you need?

Post by:  Darra Wray, Founder – My Care Companions 

We routinely complete forms at school, at work, for sports / extra-curricular activities, and at medical appointments that require us to provide emergency contact information.  Without even thinking we enter the names and numbers of our parents, our adult children and our closest friends.  We might mention to the people we named that we put their name down on the form, but more often than not, we just know that they would help.  But, if they were called in an emergency to help you, would they have the information they need to help?

In a medical emergency, it is important for your emergency contacts to have knowledge of or access to the following information:

  • Health Conditions
  • Medications
  • Allergies (especially to medicine)
  • Blood Type
  • Immunizations
  • Name of Regular Physician(s)
  • Health insurance information
  • Preferred hospital
  • Your healthcare preferences
  • Contact information for other close family and friends

Usually, we know our emergency contacts so well that we take for granted they would know everything they need to know if they were called upon to help.  But, if you stop and think about it, you have probably not shared some of this important information with them.  And, you probably don’t have some of this information for the people you are named as an emergency contact.

My mother used to say that if she prepared for the worst then it wouldn’t happen.  So, I encourage you to gather and share this important information with your emergency contacts (and then hope they never need to use it).  But, if they do receive that dreaded emergency phone call, they will have what you need to truly be a life saver!



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