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Rose Colored Glasses

Only positive attitudes welcome here!

2020 has been a year filled with anxiety, worry, division, and sadness for many people. We have endured a heightened state of stress through the first blooms of Spring, long Summer days, and crisp Autumn nights.  And, looking out the window at the first snowfall of the season this morning, I found myself feeling like I was hunkering down for a long and worrisome Winter. 

But the rose-colored sunglasses framed in a shadow box on the wall next to the window remind me that I have the power to change that negative point of view.  The circa 1980 oversized sunglasses belonged to my mother who was an eternal optimist.  When something wasn’t going right in her world, she would take a deep breath, put on her sunglasses, and say “that’s ok… I am going to look at the world through these rose-colored glasses.”  Every day, she made a conscious and intentional decision to approach the world with a positive attitude and make the best of each day.

Mom ascribed to this philosophy no matter how bleak her circumstances.  In 1993, following open-heart surgery, she remained hospitalized with serious complications.  A parade of health care providers and specialists came to her bedside explaining the details of her ailments, the risks associated with various treatment options, and the reality of her grim prognosis.  She finally reached a breaking point and un-ceremoniously kicked ALL of these experts out of her hospital room.  She told them they were not permitted to come back until they could focus on her healing with a positive attitude.  And, she even asked me to make a sign for her hospital door that read “Only positive attitudes welcome here.”

Don’t be fooled by her positive attitude, though.  She wasn’t in denial.  She really did understand how terribly sick she was.  But, she also understood that she needed to focus on the possibility of recovery and the steps she would need to take to get there – no matter how slim the chances.  And, through many months in the hospital, she found ways to celebrate the joy and gift of life each and every day.  And, she did that proudly wearing her rose-colored glasses.

As we face the coming months of political transitions, continued concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, and disappointment about holiday traditions that will have to be put on hold this year, I think it is time for me to find myself a pair of rose-colored glasses, and I hope you can find a pair for yourself, too.  As I sit here watching the snow accumulate, instead of worrying about the long and challenging winter ahead, I am going to celebrate the wonder of each individual snowflake, cherish the comfort of the dogs snuggled on the blanket at my feet, and enjoy the steaming cup of coffee in my hand.  I am going to look forward to smaller holiday gatherings and quality family time with the people I love most.  And, I am going to hold hope in my heart for a healthy and more united future for everyone.

Only positive attitudes welcome here!

Darra Wray is a Care Consultant and Certified Senior Advisor with My Care Companions in Boise, Idaho, a company she founded to streamline and simplify the administrative side of care.  You can learn more about My Care Companions and the My Data Diary+ family information management software solution at

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